To ensure the WxCoder server and services are running properly, we constantly monitor the health of the server and its accessiblity over the Internet from another physical location. You can check the current status at any one of the following addresses:

Should the WxCoder server or its network connection be disrupted for any length of time, you can use one of the above links to determine if the outage is widespread or just local to your location.

In addition, informational notices and alerts are also posted on the status Web page for planned outages (such as software or operating system upgrades) or for prolonged unplanned outages (such as hardware issues). In the case of a complete unplanned outage, progress reports and updates will be posted to the status site as a way to keep you informed.

We suggest you bookmark one of the addresses above so you have it handy, as this page would probably not be available during a major service disruption.